IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System

In this IBM® Redguide™ publication, we look closely at network-related security risks such as targeted attacks, worms, bots, intrusion attempts, phishing scams, and so on. These threats target vulnerabilities in IT systems, workstations, and applications and can have a crippling financial effect on all organizations, disrupting business processes, and causing loss of confidential and proprietary information.

Intelligent Network Platform Delivers Intrusion Protection (Intel Video)

Network based intrusion detection attempts to identify unauthorized, illicit, and anomalous behavior based solely on network traffic. A network IDS, using either a network tap, span port, or hub collects packets that traverse a given network. Using the captured data, the IDS system processes and flags any suspicious traffic. Unlike an intrusion prevention system, an intrusion detection system does not actively block network traffic. The role of a network IDS is passive, only gathering, identifying, logging and alerting.


The success of the Cloud Computing paradigm may be jeopardized by concerns about the risk of misuse of this model aimed at conducting illegal activities. In this paper we address the issue of detecting Denial of Service attacks performed by means of resources acquired on-demand on a Cloud Computing platform. To this purpose, we propose to investigate the consequences of the use of a distributed strategy to detect and block attacks, or other malicious activities, originated by misbehaving customers of a Cloud Computing provider.

Cloud Security Monitoring

Cloud infrastructure becomes the primary business environment for all types of enterprises during recent years. In cloud computing security is a fundamental concern, loss of control and potential lack of trust prevent large set of potential customers to immerse in the cloud world. One of the major key problem is how one can test, monitor or measure the underlying Cloud infrastructure from user/customer space. We have developed a solution which is able to examine the infrastructure, from security point-of-views.