Revolutionary Homogeneity: Converged IT Infrastructures (Intel Document)

For decades, heterogeneous computing systems have represented the rule of thumb in the vast majority of enterprise data centers where a plethora of servers, storage arrays and net-working switches hum amid a swirl of multi-colored cables. Here, growth can be remarka-bly non-strategic. Systems are chosen according to application/workload requirements, management or administrator preference, winning proof of concept (POC) bids or fire sale pricing by preferred vendors and VARs. As a result, most facilities are far more complex and far less efficient than they could be.

Mordernise mission critical infrastructure (Intel Video)

The video shows you how Intel platforms handle your business critical workloads while also providing access to the latest sources of innovation and the best return on your investment.

Mordernise mission critical infrastructure

CyberSecurity Framework

The national and economic security of the United States depends on the reliable functioning of critical infrastructure.

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) system provides a reference-method for publicly known information-security vulnerabilities and exposures. CVE is used by the Security Content Automation Protocol, and CVE IDs are listed on MITRE's system and US National Vulnerability Database. For finding vulnerabilities history for any application and the impact of it on the system, CVE database provides the information about the vulnerabilities and impact of it by using CVSS scoring system.