Intel Cloud Security Best Practices

Cloud computing security has the potential to surpass the levels of information security that are possible today. That, at least, is the contention of security and virtualization experts from Intel's security division and virtualization solutions provider.
Top security experts from Intel recently released a new security brief that asserts that the cloud presents a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make information security better, faster, cheaper, more efficient and less intrusive.
The Intel website containing the video is below

Cloud Security with Intel® AES-NI

Security is a concern for any company, but it is especially important for those that must adhere to strict internal and external regulations. These organizations need airtight security at all levels of the hardware and software stack, and the push to public cloud strategies has left many unsure of how to protect their data while taking advantage of the benefts of cloud computing.Enter Tier 3. The company makes cloud benefits available to organizations that have extensive security requirements, such as healthcare and financial-services organizations.

Security in Mobile Cloud

The goal of this course is to foster security mindset in mobile cloud computing environment, including identifying the threats in mobile cloud, understanding how Security protocols work, applying cryptography, trusted computing and virtualization technologies to mitigate threats. Students will be able to build secure applications in mobile cloud after this course.

Security in Mobile Cloud

Cloud Computing and Software Security

This is a video tutorial about cloud computing security by Dr. James Walden at Ohio Information Security Forum. The video gives a detailed introduction to cloud computing, discussed the service models, threats and security issues and some of the remedies for that.