Data Security Best Practices (IBM Website)

More and more customers from all sectors would like to take Hadoop to the next level by integrating big data with mission-critical systems and sensitive data. In order for this to happen, big data solutions need to integrate enterprise security solutions, such as encryption, access control, and auditing. In this regard, the InfoSphere Guardium activity monitoring and the InfoSphere Guardium data encryption solutions clearly emerge as leaders.

Current and Evolving threats in Critical Infrastructure

The critical infrastructure is very important components for nation's economy, security and health, which includes power, water, transportation and communication systems. This webinar presents the challenges of protecting critical infrastructure against cyber threats, and discusses how Security Analytics play a role in securing it.

Securing and Partnering to Enhance Critical Infrastructure

The purpose of this course is to introduce those with critical infrastructure security and resilience duties and responsibilities to the information and the resources available to them in the execution of the mission to protect and improve resilience in the Nation’s critical infrastructure.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical infrastructures are generally thought of as the key systems, services and functions whose disruption or destruction would have a debilitating impact on public health and safety, commerce, and national security or any combination of those matters. The goal of this program is to prevent or minimize disruptions to critical information infrastructures, no matter the source, and thereby protect the people, the economy, the essential human and government services, and the national security.